BK Maarten – The Believer,Creator and Innovator

BK Maarten – The Believer,Creator and Innovator

BK Maarten – The Believer,Creator and Innovator

Thank you all for your love and kindness to my brother and my family. Music is his first love. He loved every sound, every word. He analyzed the work he was given and really thought about it before going on to promote it. BK Maarten wanted to give people a chance when he thought that no one else would.

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He saw things in people’s work that deserved a chance in the music world. He found heart and soul in underground and mainstream hip hop and rap as well as in the music of big name artists. The work that has been done on this website cannot be matched by anyone. There has been such a delay in postings on this site since he departed. BK Maarten was a mystery man that kept everything in his head. Thus, it was rather difficult to access the website and create a post. He wouldn’t want any of you to stop making music, so continue your craft, master it, make it the best that you can. So, if you would, picture him with his head phones, his eyes closed and letting the music flow. My brother is happy where he is, he is safe, he is free.

Bakari M. Lake – Sample

Bakari M. Lake – Sample (Bakie, Bk, BKMaarten) came into this world the summer of August 24, 1985 to Jacqueline and Barry Lake – Sample. He attended St. Pius X Catholic School from 3rd grade to 8th grade. He then graduated from Bishop Maginn High School May 2004. He moved onto college where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Communication from the State University of New York at Buffalo graduating May 16, 2009. Since 2010 Bakari was a Masters of Arts degree student at The College of St. Rose. His concentration was Communication and Media Production. Bakari loved music and spent his time producing it; he created his own website www.areyouinthatmoodyet.com where he devoted his time to posting and hosting various hip hop artists giving them a chance in the music world. It was devoted to providing quality content that is enjoyable to everyone. He also did music production for a variety of emerging artists. His favorite food was johnny cakes, salt fish salad, and oatmeal raisin cookies. He will forever be remembered, loved and missed by his mother Jacqueline A. Lake – Sample; his father Barry C. Sample ;his sister Serwa C. Lake – Sample; grandmother Thomassillienne H. Arnell; his Uncle Lasana M. Sekou ; Aunty Judy Lake, Uncle Junior, Great Uncle Harold Arnell, Auntie Jenny Arnell, Frankie Arnell, Great Tantie Wendy Bosine Arnell, Auntie Carol Glass, Auntie Jean Wilson all of his aunties, uncles, and many cousins, family friends, the Macedonia family, friends, and the music world.
“Good music good food always puts me in a good mood.”
~Bakari Lake Sample~


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